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Morinda Citrifolia, aka "nhor"

Kingdom of Cambodia

Looks cozy, no?

Republic of Burundi

This is edible, I promise.

Burkina Faso

Honeycomb tripe - washed, trimmed and ready to have the stink boiled out of it.

Republic of Bulgaria

Musang King durian (Durian Kunyit), not-so-fresh from Malaysia by way of Chinatown and probably a huge steel storage container.

Nation of Brunei, Abode of Peace

Yucca flour, hot milk, egg

Federative Republic of Brazil

Note the yeasty chunks floating on top... mmmmm

Republic of Botswana

Time to make the kajmak.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Plump, albeit slightly freezerburned, rocotos (left) and limp-and-defrosted-but-good-enough huacatay (right)

Plurinational State of Bolivia


Kingdom of Bhutan