Why should a clinical thermometer not be sterilized in boiling water?

Why Cannot we clean a clinical thermometer with hot water?

Because it can be broken. The clinical thermometer has been made to measure temperature around our physiological temperature or 95° to 105°F (35° to 40°C. Using it in boiling water would break it.. Hence one must always not wash the clinical thermometer in a boiling water.

What will happen if we put a clinical thermometer in boiling water?

It cannot resist the temperature of boiling water and it may burst.

How clinical thermometer is sterilized?

The sterilizing solution used with the storage container is propylene glycol with up to 50 percent by volume of water or ethanol. This solution serves to cold sterilize the thermometer and additionally lubricates the same sufficiently for insertion into a patient’s rectum.

Can you clean thermometer with hot water?

Alternatively, you can wash the thermometer with soap and water, but take care not to submerge the electronic components, which could damage the device. You should also avoid using hot water to clean a thermometer, as this could damage the sensor that reads the temperature.

Can water damage a thermometer?

Water Damage to Your Digital Thermometer

Ions are electrically charged particles that can damage digital technology by creating short-circuits and making sensors malfunction.

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How is a clinical thermometer different from a laboratory thermometer?

Clinical thermometer is used to measure the human body temperature. A laboratory thermometer is not used for this purpose of measuring body temperature; it is generally used for the measurement of objects which generally have a temperature range outside that of a normal human body.

Why should a thermometer bulb have a small heat capacity?

The thermometer bulb having small heat capacity will absorb less heat from the body whose temperature is to be measured. Hence, the temperature of that body will practically remain unchanged.

What precautions are essential while measuring the body temperature using a thermometer?

Precautions Taken While Reading a Thermometer

  • Thermometer should be washed before and after use, preferably with an antiseptic solution.
  • Ensure that before use the mercury level is below 350C.
  • Handle the thermometer with care. …
  • Dont hold the thermometer by the bulb while reading it.