Do you Stir fudge while cooking?

How long should you stir fudge?

Using a wooden spoon, beat the fudge vigorously until it thickens and begins to lose its gloss. This may take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.

What should you not do when making fudge?

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid for Candy Shop-Worthy Fudge and Caramels

  1. Using the Wrong Pan. All candy and confections start by melting sugar. …
  2. Stirring the Sugar. …
  3. Not Using a Candy Thermometer. …
  4. Leaving Out the Parchment Paper Lining. …
  5. Skipping the Cooking Spray. …
  6. Scraping the Pot. …
  7. Using a Cold Knife to Slice.

Why shouldn’t you Stir fudge after it reaches the correct temperature?

Too cooked

At this temperature, the sugar is too concentrated and there is not enough water left to form syrup around sugar crystals. The result is hard and brittle fudge.

What happens if you cook fudge too long?

The ingredients for fudge are combined and cooked to 234 degrees, cooled to 110 degrees without stirring, then beaten until creamy. Candy that isn’t cooked long enough will end up too soft; overcooking makes fudge crumbly or hard.

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How do you know when fudge is done without a thermometer?

At first the sugar syrup is stringy and shapeless, but after several tests it starts to hold its shape. When it reaches the stage that it can be formed into a soft ball, then you know that your fudge is ready and you can take it off the heat!

How do you set up fudge?

Solutions for Too-Soft Fudge

Use powdered sugar. Instead of adding evaporated milk, add some powdered sugar and remix your fudge batter. The powdered sugar can help the fudge set and harden if it is resistant to doing so. Add a mixture of water and cornstarch.

How long should fudge set before cutting?

Cooling Completely

Unless the recipe calls for placing the fudge immediately in the refrigerator, place it uncovered in a cool, dry area of the kitchen for two hours. Cooling the fudge is necessary before cutting because warm fudge is too soft and your end product will look messy.

What can I do if my fudge is too soft?

To fix soft fudge or hard fudge, simply follow these easy steps: Scrape the fudge back into a large saucepan and add 1 1/2 cups of water. Stir the fudge over low heat until it dissolves. Carefully taste the mixture, as the water probably diluted the flavor.

Why has my fudge turned to toffee?

If you boil the fudge to a temperature lower than 232 F, your fudge will retain extra moisture, which can make it chewy or in extreme cases, prevent it from setting at all. If the temperature goes much beyond 234 F, the fudge’s final texture will be hard, dry and crumbly.

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