How do you cook broccoli in Pampered Chef rice cooker?

Can I leave boiling water unattended?

How do I cook broccoli in my Pampered Chef Micro cooker?

Fresh Vegetables (Ex: Broccoli –shake under water, toss in pot, microwave about 5 minutes and it’s beautiful green and ready to eat . . .just like the restaurants; add cheese sauce and it’ll be heated just right w/o cooking additionally!) Cauliflower may take a bit longer, as do carrots. Test in your microwave.

Can you steam vegetables in a microwave rice cooker?

Add the food and water.

The steamer basket is ideal for pasta and vegetables, including potatoes, greens, corn, carrots, and more. Add the desired vegetables to the steamer basket and add ½ cup (118 ml) of water to the bottom of the cooker. For pasta, it’s better to boil than steam.

What can I cook in my Pampered Chef rice cooker?

The 3-qt. Micro-Cooker® Plus cooks starchy side dishes like rice, quinoa, pasta, polenta, and potatoes in the microwave. It includes a boil-over guard that works with the lid to circulate liquids, so your microwave stays clean and free of spills.

How long do you cook rice in a Pampered Chef rice cooker?

Pampered Chef rice cooker directions are pretty simple: Measure your rice and water into the micro-cooker, position the boil-over guard on the pot, then place the lid and lock it down. Microwave white rice for 12 to 15 minutes on high, brown for 5 minutes on high and then 20 at 50 percent power.

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How long do you steam veggies for?

How long do I steam vegetables for?

  1. Sliced carrots – 6-8 mins.
  2. Cauliflower florets – 5-6 mins.
  3. Asparagus (thick spears) – 5-6 mins.
  4. Broccoli florets – 5 mins.
  5. Brussels sprouts – 8-10 mins.
  6. Green beans – 4-5 mins.
  7. Spinach and leafy greens – 5 mins.
  8. Peas – 3 mins.