What do you call to an egg fried on one side only?

What is sunny side down?

Re: Sunny-Side Up, Sunny-Side Down

“over easy” means that the egg has been flipped over, so the yolk is down. “over hard” generally means that the egg has been flipped over, and is cooked so that the yolk is not runny any more.

What is over hard?

Over hard: The flipped egg cooks long enough to fully set the yolk, which has the same consistency as a fully hard-boiled egg.

What is a fried egg with a broken yolk called?

Over Hard

And over hard is the final step. Over hard is fried, flipped, and fried again – usually with the yolk broken – until both the white and the yolk are completely cooked.

Why is it called over easy?

It originates with fried eggs, where it means turn them over gently (easy, carefully) and cook for for a few seconds more before serving, so the white is fully set (not “snotty”). That’s gently because you don’t want to break the yolk. The opposite to over easy is sunny side up (i.e. – don’t do that turning over).

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