Frequent question: Do you need the blade cover to Slow Cook in Thermomix?

Do you need a Thermomix blade cover?

Thermomix® Slow Cook and Sous-vide modes introduce longer cooking times. The blade cover is used to protect softer ingredients, or sous-vide bags, from coming into contact with the moving blades of the mixing knife.

How do you slow cook in a Thermomix?

When using the slow cook mode, your TM6 blades will turn slowly for the first 30 minutes and then switch to alternating for 1 minute on and 1 minute off. If you stop the mode halfway through, your Thermomix will reset and begin the 30 minutes of stirring again.

Do you get a blade cover with TM6?

You only need to order it online at . Being not mandatory, the blade cover is not part of the TM6 initial set. But the improvements it brings, make worth having it.

Can I use simmering basket instead of blade cover?

(As the simmering basket and the blade cover may both be used for Sous-vide, use EITHER the simmering basket OR the blade cover attachment, but NEVER together.)

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