How do you use a smoker box on a propane grill?

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Can you use a smoker box in a propane grill?

If you’re using a gas grill, lower the smoker box on top of a burner. … If your gas grill burners are not already on the highest setting, one way is to get them going high up, so your smoker box will get hot enough, and the chips will start smoking better. It’s actually easier this way.

How do you use a smoker box on a Weber gas grill?

Spread out the wood chips so they cover the bottom of the box, directly exposing as many chips as possible to the burner below. Continue to add as many wood chips as the recipe suggests. Close the lid of the smoker box. Close the lid of the grill and wait a few minutes for smoke to pour out of the grill.

How long does it take for a smoker box to start smoking?

We recommend turning your burners on the highest setting to get the smoker box hot enough to start producing smoke. It may take up to 10 minutes for the box to heat up depending on your grill. ​Once the smoker box starts producing smoke, you can turn your burners down to regular cooking temperatures.

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How long does it take for wood chips to smoke on gas grill?

If you want a long smoke, add a packet of wood chips to the gas grill every 30 minutes to maintain the smoky flavor of the meat. You can place two to three handfuls of wood chips on top of the gas grill for direct heating for one hour. You do not want to use a lot of wood chips to smoke your meat.

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