What happen to the paper placed on the boiling water?

Can you put paper in boiling water?

This is nothing new, but you absolutely can boil water in a paper cup. Just make sure heat doesn’t come too close to the portion of the cup that does not have liquid, because if it’s dry, it will burn. Make sure you have a pair of tongs to remove the cup from the fire.

What happens to the paper cup with water and why?

b. When we heat the paper cup containing water, then the heat supplied to the paper cup is transferred to water inside it by conduction. So, in the presence of water, the ignition temperature of paper cup is not reached, and hence the paper cup does not catch fire.

What will happen if a paper cup with water is heated?

If the paper cup is heated carrying water, the water will be absorbing the heat coming from the burning source and thus stops the paper from reaching its ignition point. Therefore it will not burn. … This is because of the absorption of heat by water in it.

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Can water be made to boil in a paper cup without the paper being burnt explain?

It is observe that it is possible to boil water without burning the paper cup. This is due to the reason that he heat given by the flame is quickly transferred from the paper cup to the water. As a result the temperature if the paper does not reach the ignition temperature and hence is not burned.

Why bubbles form in boiling water?

Water at sea level on Earth boils at 212 F. Boiling begins near the source of heat. When the pan bottom becomes hot enough, H2O molecules begin to break their bonds to their fellow molecules, turning from sloshy liquid to wispy gas. The result: hot pockets of water vapor, the long-awaited, boiling-up bubbles.

What are the observations at boiling point of water?


Temperature when the water Boiling point of water
Starts boiling t1 (in °C) Continue to boil (Stationary temperature) t2 (in °C) (t1 + t2)/2 (in °C)

Can we boil water in a paper cup while paper catches fire easily?

we can boil water in a paper while empty paper catches fire easily because the heat is continuously absorbed by the water which prevents the paper cup from burning…

How does water in a paper cup becomes hot without the paper cup catching fire when heated?

Answer: This is because when we heat the paper cup containing water, then the heat supplied to the paper cup is transferred to water inside it by conduction. Due to continuous transfer of heat from Paper Cup to water , the paper cup does not get heated to its ignition temperature.

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Does wet paper catch fire?

Wet paper contains water which restricts it from reaching a sufficient temperature which provides enough energy to overcome the activation energy for the paper to react with oxygen. … It is only on reaction with oxygen that paper catches fire.

How can you boil water without a cup?

Water can be boiled without a pot by either direct heating or dropping hot rocks into an alternative container. Plates, plastic bottles, or leaves can be put directly on the fire while hot rocks can be dropped into a wooden or bamboo container, a clay pot, or a hole in the ground.

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