Best answer: How do you grill on a balcony?

Can you use a BBQ on an apartment balcony?

Answer: You will need to check your by-laws.

You will need to check your by-laws for any specific prohibition, but, an open fire seems to be an inherently hazardous item which may impact on the insurances for the building. Further, the fire could cause nuisance due to smoke drift.

Is grilling on a balcony safe?

The International Fire Code stipulates that “open-flame cooking devices shall not be operated on combustible balconies or within 10 feet of combustible construction.” That’s a good place to start: Definitely don’t try to cook kebabs next to a building with, say, wood siding.

Can I have a gas BBQ on my balcony?

Never use a barbecue indoors or on a balcony. Position your barbecue on level ground and keep it well away from anything that may catch fire (sheds, fences, trees, tents etc.) … Never use a barbecues indoors or in a unventilated space as there is a real risk of creating dangerous Carbon Monoxide gas.

Is a balcony considered outside?

Definition of a Balcony

A balcony is an outdoor extension or platform extended to the outside of a building. It is usually on the upper floors with an enclosure averaging one meter. It is normally enclosed by balustrades or walls and supported by console brackets or columns.

Can I have a grill on my apartment patio?

Apartment Grilling Safety Tip #1: Get an Electric Grill

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There are no regulations or laws that say you can’t have an electric grill on your patio or balcony. It won’t have that smoky BBQ taste, but an electric grill can provide a nice char and it’s a healthy cooking option.

Why are charcoal grills banned?

SAFE & SOUND WE ASK YOUR SAFETY AND HEALTH QUESTIONS. Q: It makes sense that charcoal grills are banned from balconies of multi-unit apartment buildings because of the fire risk. … That’s because a gas grill uses liquid petroleum gas or propane, which is highly flammable.