Who Wins Season 7 of Worst Cooks in America?

Who Wins Season 8 of Worst Cooks in America?

Who won Worst Cooks in America Zack or Ari?

The Food Network did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment. Ariel was named the winner of season 20 on the Aug. 2, 2020 finale episode. She defeated runner-up, model Zack Ignoffo, and won the $25,000 grand prize and a Food Network cooking set.

Who won Celebrity Worst Cooks in America Season 13?

Chef Chart

Season Blue Team Mentor Winner
12 Tyler Florence Anne
13/Celebrity 4 Tyler Florence Tyler
14 Robert Irvine Robert
15 Tyler Florence Anne

What happened to Stephanie on Worst Cooks in America?

Stephanie managed to run out of time and ended up microwaving her bacon. Unfortunately, due to an illness, she wasn’t able to compete in the Main Dish challenge and was eliminated.

How many times has Anne Burrell won Worst Cooks in America?

Anne’s Red Team, who she proudly calls the “Rocking Red Stars,” has won the competition a whopping fourteen times. Anne’s easy-to-follow recipes, her great sense of humor, and her even bigger heart make her the model mentor for Worst Cooks.

Where is Anne Burrell from?

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