Frequent question: How much gas does it take to fry a turkey?

How long does a 20lb propane tank last on a turkey fryer?

How long will a 20lb propane tank last on a turkey fryer? Generally speaking you will have a 40,000 btu to 80,000 btu burner and you will not run it on high for very long or you will ignite the grease. You can probably get 10–12 hours burn time from a 20 pound tank easily.

Is 3 gallons enough to fry a turkey?

You’ll need enough oil to cover your entire turkey, but not so much that it spills over. A general guideline is to use 3 gallons of oil for a 30 qt.

How long does it take to fry a 15 pound turkey?

Once the temperature of the oil has reached 350°F (180°C), slowly and gently lower the turkey into the oil. SLOWLY AND GENTLY. Fry the turkey for 3 minutes per pound (455 grams). For a 15 lb (6.8 kg) turkey, this will take 45 minutes.

How do you gas fry a turkey?

How to Fry Your Turkey using Keystone Propane. To prevent burning yourself, slowly lower the bird into the fryer and cook 3 minutes plus 5 minutes per bird. Keep your thermometer on hand to check the internal temperature of the turkey.

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How many turkeys can I fry with a propane tank?

Set the propane tank as far away from the burner as the connections will allow. The 30-quart Bijou Classic is good for turkeys up to 14 pounds. The 32-quart pot is good for turkeys up to 24 pounds. (Not sure how two additional quarts allows for 10 more pounds of turkey, but I’ll take Bijou’s word for it.)

How many turkeys can you fry with one tank of propane?

Let’s take a look. Yes, you can fire up a backyard grill. That’ll cook all sorts of things – from hot dogs and steaks burgers, to grilling corn or eggplant or kebobs. And if deep-frying eight turkeys is on your mind, our expert suggests three 5-gallon propane tanks (two might do it, but just in case.

How many quarts of turkey do I need to fry?

Fill the pot with peanut or canola oil up to the mark you made earlier—you’ll need 4 to 5 gallons to fry a 12- to 14-pound turkey in a 30-quart pot.

What size turkey is recommended for deep frying?

As a general rule of thumb, turkeys need to be completely submerged in oil when frying. The oil should cover the turkey by about 1-2 inches. This means that you can fry any size turkey you want, provided you have a big enough fryer where you completely submerge the turkey.

What do you do with peanut oil after frying a turkey?

The oil will keep at room temperature a couple of weeks, or several months if you cover and refrigerate it, according to the National Turkey Federation. “Peanut oil is more perishable than other oils and must be stored in the refrigerator if kept longer than one month, “ according to the NTF.

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How long does it take to deep fry a 13 pound turkey?

How Long Does it Take to Deep Fry a Turkey?

Weight Time to Cook
10 Lbs. 30 minutes
11 Lbs. 33 minutes
12 Lbs. 36 minutes
13 Lbs. 39 minutes

Do you cook a turkey at 325 or 350?

Roast in a 325° or 350° (depending on size of bird; see below) oven until thermometer registers 160°. If turkey is unstuffed, tip slightly to drain juices from body cavity into pan. Transfer turkey to a platter. Let stand in a warm place, uncovered, for 15 to 30 minutes, then carve.

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